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Flap Discs


4 1/2 X 7/8 3M



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4-1/2 X 5/8-11

Trimmable Flap Disc


Flap Disc Wheels

These versatile flap disc wheels are designed to be used both as a depressed center grinding wheel and as a cut-off wheel, making them ideal for cutting, grinding, gouging and more. Discs are supplied in 40, 60, and 80 grit to give you your choice of style for your project. We offer the giant Cubitron II, which attracts manufacturers for its 3M precision-shaped grain, allowing welders to cut faster than standard ceramic discs. We also have an option of a trimmable flap disc that lets users extend the disc's life by trimming the plastic back up so that every flap gets used. The flexibility of our flap disc wheels allows welders to utilize its precision at many different stages in the fabrication process. Whenever you wish to use it, we can assure you it will give you top-tier quality! 

Other Sizes and Grits Available -- Click Here

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